Online Video Consumption Habits

I found another really interesting survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project about Online Video Consumption Habits. This survey looks at some of the trends surrounding the consumption of online video in the US including what types of content and behaviors arise around online video. Some of the take away points from the report:

  • News is the most popular genre of online video (except with youngr viewers aged 18-29); 10% of internet users say they watched news video yesterday (~16 million Americans)
    • News watching correlates with higher income and education
  • 19% of video viewers either rate video or post comments on video
    • If we intersect this with the prior number, then about 1.9% of internet users (~3 million people) rate or post comments on video each day. This is only an estimate since we can’t say for sure how much these two actually overlap; i.e. people who watch news may be more likely to rate or post comments
    • Younger people are twice as likely as older adults to post comments on video or rate video
  • 15% of internet users (~23 million) have sought political video content online; 2% (~3 million) do this on a typical day
    • Political content is popular among viewers who also rate or comment on video [This content is appealing to people who also want to have their opinion heard?]
  • Professional videos are preferred to amateur productions
  • Few people will pay to access online video
  • YouTube dominates online video, with about a third of the online audience for video; news websites account for only 6% of traffic to online video.
  • 3% of internet users (~ 5 million) watch educational video on a typical day