Fact Checking Source Contextualization

I ran across this round-up of some of the most prominent Political Fact Checking sites online including non-partisan FactCheck, Politifact, and¬† Washington Post Fact Checker Blog, as well as the partisan counter-parts: Newsbusters and MediaMatters. One of my criticisms of such sites is that oftentimes the fact-checking is decontextualized from the orginal document, especially for multimedia such as video. The presentation is usually done as a block of text explaining the “fact” in question. But what’s missing is the context of the claim or statement within the original source document. A far more compelling information interface for this would be to present an annotated document so that segments of the document (or video) are precisely delineated and critiqued. This is something I worked into the Videolyzer for video and text, but more generally this type of thing needs to happen for all fact-checked texts online.