Mobile Gaming Summit 2012

I have recently been getting more into mobile design and development and so was excited to attend the Mobile Gaming Summit in New York today. It was a well attended event, with what seemed like dozens of presenters from top mobile studios sharing tips on everything from user acquisition to design, mobile analytics, cross-platform development, finance, and social. What I wanted to share here quickly were some of the resources that were mentioned at the summit because I think they would be useful to any mobile studio / developer who’s just starting out (noobs like me!). So, by topic, here are some services to check out:

  • Ad Platforms for user acquisition
  • Analytics
    • Flurry (free analytics platform to help you understand how users are using your app)
    • Bees and Pollen (analytics to help optimize the user experience based on the user)
    • Apsalar
  • Cross-Platform Technologies
    • Corona (uses a language called Lua that I’ve never heard of)
    • Marmelade (program in c++, deploy to iOS, Android, xbox, etc.)
    • Phone Gap (program in javascript, HTML, CSS)
    • Unity (geared toward 3D games)

In general I was impressed with the amount of data driven design going on in the mobile apps / games space and how the big studios are really optimizing for attention, retention, and monetization by constantly tweaking things.

Other tips that were shared included things like: use Canada as a test market to work out kinks in your apps before you launch in the larger U.S. market; concentrate marketing efforts / budget in a short period of time to attain the highest rank in the app store as this drives more organic growth; the industry is heavily moving towards a free-to-play model with monetization done with in-app purchases or advertising.

In the next few weeks I’ll be excited to try out some of these services with my new app, Many Faces, which launched a couple weeks ago. I think it’s all about the user-acquisition / marketing at this point …