Data on the Growth of CitiBike

On May 27th New York City launched its city-wide bike sharing program, CitiBike. I tried it out last weekend; it was great, aside from a few glitches checking-out and checkin-in the bikes. It made me curious about the launch of the program and how it’s growing, especially since the agita between bikers and drivers is becoming quite palpable. Luckily, the folks over at the CitiBike blog have been posting daily stats about the number of rides every day, average duration of rides, and even the most popular station for starting and stopping a ride. If you’re interested in hacking more on the data there’s even a meetup happening next week.

Below is my simple line chart of the total number of daily riders (they measure that as of 5pm that day). Here’s the data. You might look at the graph and wonder, “what happened June 7th?”. That was the monsoon we had. Yeah, turns out bikers don’t like rain.