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Flare in Flash

Flare is a really powerful visualization toolkit developed for AS3. One feature / problem with Flare though is that it’s developed with the Flex framework in mind, leaving us lowly Flash developers out in the cold (One of these days I’ll transition to Flex). BUT, there is hope for using Flare within the Flash development environment. Here’s what I did:

  • After unzipping the Flare library, copy all the .as files into folders according to their package hierarchy. So, for instance, the file would be copied into a folder Flare -> vis -> axis since it’s in the flare.vis.axis package
  • Put this folder hierarchy in the same folder as your .fla
  • Now, since Flare is built using the Flex framework, you need to tell your .fla where to find those Flex classes
    • Install the Flex Builder
    • In your .fla go to Publish Settings and on the Flash tab, next to ActionScript version hit the settings button
    • Add the source folder from Flex. It should be somewhere like this: <install directory> -> Flex SDK -> frameworks -> source
  • Compile and all references should be resolved

et voila