Videolyzer – Information Quality Analysis for Videos


Tools to aid people in making sense of the information quality of online informational video are essential for media consumers seeking to be well informed. Videolyzer addresses the information quality problem in video by allowing politically motivated bloggers or journalists to analyze, collect, and share criticisms of the information quality of online political videos. The interface innovates by providing a fine-grained and tightly coupled interaction paradigm between the timeline, the time-synced transcript, and annotations. It also incorporates automatic textual and video content analysis to suggest areas of interest for further assessment by a person.


N. Diakopoulos, S. Goldenberg, I. Essa. Videolyzer: Quality Analysis of Online Informational Video for Bloggers and Journalists. Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). April, 2009. [PDF] [Video]


The Videolyzer prototype is online with a selection of content from politics and advertising. Try it out at